Marzo in rosa (March in pink)

On Sunday, March 5 at 11am, in the town hall in San Polo the event will be dedicated to art with the opening of the photographic exhibition “Four authors. Four looks” by Orietta Bay with photos of Clara Cullino, Giovanna De Franchi, Marcella Giorgetti and Antonietta Preziuso, all students of Giuliana Traverso, the first woman to open a photography school for women only in Genoa. All with the musical accompaniment of the harpist Carla They.

“With eleven scheduled events – as reported by Lucia Frasanni, Councillor for Culture – we set an absolute record for our territory that can boast a number of all respect in terms of exhibitions, theatrical and literary events that enrich the social and cultural fabric of our community. The awareness-raising work related to women’s issues is constant, all year round. The cultural journey started from afar and the road ahead is still very long and winding. The commitment that the Administration invests in schools and in the whole community, so that the idea of gender equality and mutual respect in all cultural, work, artistic, school, even family and sentimental areas is promoted and developed, is, and will always be, strong and constant in time”.

Tthe mayor Alessandro Fadda adds: “For seven years the Municipality of Torrile has dedicated the month of March to women. The attention to the female world in our municipal territory is constant every day. This is witnessed by the many projects that have been implemented. One of the last was “Gender issues: the educational community” which involved teachers and students of the Istituto Comprensivo di Torrile to promote the values of gender equality from the very first years of our children’s lives”.

Here the complete calendar: