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“Nel Segno del Giglio” from 23rd to 25th April 2022

The 27th edition of the quality garden-exhibition market “In the sign of the Lily”, will be taken in the Historic Garden of the Ducal Palace of Colorno from Friday 23rd to Monday 25th April.

Information:BI&BI Eventi; +39.0521313300; fax +39.0521.521524;;

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The Festival of Slowness takes place every year on June

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The ambition of the creators is to question none other than our troubled relationship with time, giving us tools and opportunities for possible change.

Soon. This is what they teach us from an early age. Must hurry. rn. move. to accelerate. The world does not wait, it has no time. We grow up accumulating delays, while a latent sense of guilt envelops us with an almost imperceptible patina. Tecnology, if used incorrectly, does not help. If anything, it accelerates anxiety, because it multiplies our connection with an uninterrupted present does not admit, infact, delays. Unless you use it as a means to facilitate the daily tasks of life, to break down physical and virtual barriers.

Because otherwise the risk is to lose everything. Let’s waste time, first of all. Exactly what is needed to hook us into the tow of a happy existence. Let’s try to think about it: relationships, the enjoynment of eartly things, the contemplation of the world around us. Everything, absolutely everything, takes time, and time grants calm, serenity. It shifts the terrestrial axis of beauty and makes the game worth being there.

Milan Kundera argues that there is “a close link between slowness and memory, between speed and oblivion”. The Festival was born from the idea of giving back to ourselves the stolen time that we have given up, one day at a time. To take care of our past and freshly imagine a future yet to be discovered.

The Festival is promoted by the ’Associazione Comuni Virtuosi in collaboration with the Municipality of Colorno and takes place every year on the second weekend of June at the Ducal Palace of Colorno (PR).

Information: Tel. +39 3346535965 – 

All the people have the right to be happy, and happiness is the common strive for as a community