Preview of Colornophotolife from Saturday 2 September to Sunday 8 October 2023

From 13 to 15 October the photographic festival returns to Colorno (Parma) that since its inception seeks to propose “roots and new frontiers” through its extensive program of exhibitions, events and workshop. The preview starts on September 2 with five exhibitions and appointments until November 26

Colorno (Parma), 3 August 2023 – The 14th edition of ColornoPhotoLife will return to Colorno (Parma) from 13 to 15 October 2023 and the proposed theme is “Confini” (Boundaries), interpreted in its multiple meanings. At the beginning of this millennium, what is the meaning of “boundaries”? What are the boundaries of photography? Questions that the festival, both with exhibitions and meetings, will try to answer.

During the three highlight days of October will alternate exhibition moments of photography, projection of audiovisual, editorial presentations, reading tables of its portfolio, workshop, music concerts and, for the second year, the reading prize fanzine Read-Zine.

The exhibitions are set up in the Aranciaia building (Vittorio Veneto square) both on the ground floor and on the first floor, in the MUPAC museum space. This year will revolve around the exhibition of the first true social reporter: Tina Modotti with “Beyond the borders” (from 13 October to 26 November 2023) curated by Ascanio Kurkumelis.

A hundred photographs, original prints with silver salts of the seventies, made from the negatives of the artist that comrade Vittorio Vidali gave to the photographer Riccardo Toffoletti, protagonist of his rediscovery. The inauguration will be held on Friday, October 13 at 9pm. A great photographer, one of the greatest female interpreters of the artistic avant-garde of the last century, who expressed her idea of freedom through civic commitment.

Even today, Tina Modotti remains the symbol of an emancipated and modern woman, whose art is inextricably linked to the search for a “new humanity”.

The exhibition of Colorno is realized thanks to the fundamental scientific contribution of the Committee Tina Modotti and tells, through the shots of silver salts but also the letters and documents, the events of an indomitable spirit, free and unconventional in Mexico in the twenties. In her life Tina transforms her way of photographing, in a few years she goes through a dazzling artistic experience: after the first attentions to nature where she looks for the aesthetics of the images (roses, calluses, bamboo canes, cacti) she moves the lens towards more dynamic forms, then uses the photographic medium as a tool of investigation and social denunciation becoming an author-activist. His works, realized with an aesthetic balance, frequently assume ideological value: exaltation of the symbols of work, of the people and their redemption (hands of workers, political and trade union demonstrations, sickle and hammer).

Highlight of the festival from 13 to 15 October

On Friday 13 October you will enter the three-day highlight of the festival. In addition to the monograph on Tina Modotti at 9pm will be inaugurated photographic exhibitions in the spaces of Aranciaia: “Geometries of nature” by Sandro Santioli, “The Way” by Luciano Bovina, “They have gone” by Lorenzo Vitali (space Open Air Aranciaia) and “The show of nature”, a collection of 15 years of the competition Oasis Photocontest. To follow – at 9.30pm – inauguration of photographic exhibitions at MUPAC: “Forbidden to die – Stories of ordinary resistance” by Renata Busettini and Max Ferrero, winners of the 19th edition of Portfolio Italia, “The giant from the feet of clay” by Francesca Artoni, winner of the Portfolio Maria Luigia 2022, “PH” by Michela Mariani, winner of the competition “Umane Tracce Awards”. The exhibitions of both spaces will remain visible until November 26.

From 10pm musical concert of the group “Bottega Musicale & Photographers” accompanied by images of the members of the group Color’s Light.

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 at the MUPAC will take place portfolio readings (13th edition of the Maria Luigia Prize), the last stage of Portfolio Italia, along with the most important conferences. Saturday at 10:30am will be inaugurated the collateral exhibitions (fruit of the laboratories “DiCult” of the FIAF) exposed in the commercial premises and in other collective spaces of the Parma town, with guided tour, by the director of the Department of Culture Silvano Bicocchi. The event comes to the conclusion of the activity of the laboratories “DiCult” of the FIAF: part of the collective works will be exhibited at the festival in the Cinema Teatro in Via XX Settembre in the Sala Juventus and other commercial spaces of the town, as in the past years.

In the afternoon (2:30pm – 6pm) AV Lab – Photographic audiovisual workshop in the Sala Juventus of the Cinema Teatro of Colorno. At 3.30pm guided tour of the exhibition of Tina Modotti and Luciano Bovina with Silvano Bicocchi. From 6pm to 7pm at the space MUPAC talk with Silvano Bicocchi, Ascanio Kurkumelis and Antonella Monzoni entitled “The evolution of women’s photography, from Tina Modotti to our days”. At 9:45pm in Venaria presentation of the audiovisual winners at the circuit DIAF and GAER Competition.

Sunday 15 workshops (from 7am to 11am) in Sacca di Colorno with photographer Stefano Anzola and both in the morning and in the afternoon free photo shoots with Noblesse Oblige. Possibility to try Lumix equipment. From 3pm possibility of guided tours to the artistic heritage of Colorno. From 3pm to 6:15pm at the MUPAC, editorial presentations and finally at 6:30pm Portfolio “Maria Luigia” award ceremony.

The weekends of October and November will be enriched by side activities as well as exhibitions outside the municipal borders.

For the full program of preview and the three days of the ColornoPhotoLife 2023, it is recommended to visit the website of the Festival but also Facebook and Instagram, constantly updated.


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