Those looking for the “picturesque” should go to Capri or Cortina. The Lowland is the anti-picturesque and for this reason it is pure and uncontaminated because the brush of the smudges has never defamed it and the three-colored postcards have never able to outrage the chaste and austere beauty with their “artistic” representations. The Lowland is the anti-picturesque and its solid beauty cannot be represented because it does not offer the possibility of “cuts” and of “shots”. If we want do give an idea of it with a pictorial or photographic representation, it would be as if one pretend to give an idea of the immensity and poetry of the sea, showing a tub full of sea water. The truth of the Lowland is not to be sought on earth, it must be sought in the air. Even if you drive a few kilometers long one of the roads of the Lowland, it seems long to you; because spiritually you will travel it on foot or on a buggy. The Lowland is not made for tourist bus tours; it is made for those who are not afraid of being alone with their thoughts.

(Giovannino Guareschi, Spunti e idee 1953/1955)