The territory, which extends between the municipalities of Colorno, Sorbolo Mezzani and Torrile, has all the characteristics of the “Lowland”, a land of plain and river where the hot summer midday and the motionless afternoon fogs in autumn follow each other, always the same though different. A land good of plantation and strain, land of work and opportunity.

Giovannino Guareschi wrote: “Dense and frozen fog in winter, in summer a ruthless sun beat furiously hammered on the brains of the people and here is exasperated. Here political passions explode violent and the fight is hard but men always remain men and here thing happen that cannot happen anywhere else.” 

Many thing have changed since the times of the so called “Mondo Piccolo” (Small World), however, that of the Bassa Parmense is always a world, which is not easy to penetrate and seize. Places where the water, the river and the plain that extend as far as the eye could see represent the protagonists of a village soul that makes this territory evocative and melancholy.

The Bassa Parmense Est is an autonomous local authority, established in 2010, which join the Municipalities of Colorno, Sorbolo Mezzani and Torrile.