Bici Parma Po. Cycle path of the Po River

The cycle path cross the province of Parma from West to East passing through other routes: “Verdi” at the starting point, “Mondo Piccolo” and “Ciclotaro” nearby the town of Gramignazzo and the “Culatello di Zibello Route”. The landscape is the classic one of the Great River: poplars and meanders alternate with well-equipped staginf points and river docks dedicated to tourism, nature areas such as the Woods of Maria Luigia in Torricella di Sissa and the Natural Reserve Parma Morta in Mezzani. From Colorno with a small detour on the embankment of the Galasso canal, with mixed pavemnt (asphalt, gravel, grass) you can reach the Torrile and Trecasali Natural Reserve. From Colorno on the emankment of the Parma stream and then of that of the Po River, you can reach Mezzano and Coenzo, from where you can continue on secondary roads to Sorbolo and Bogolese, just outside Parma.

Download the map of the bike route biciparmapo